Friday, November 20, 2020

The WWF - SASSI Trailblazer Awards 2020

The annual WWF South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative Trailblazer Awards took place last week and, instead of inviting media to attend, because of Covid, they did things differently and very innovatively. First, we were asked to post the just released results at 4.15 on the day on Twitter and/or Facebook, announcing the winning chefs who are pictured below. We did this and posted on Instagram as well. Then, on Friday, we were gifted a hamper of fish, Spier wine and other ingredients and supplied with a recipe, so that we could cook a dish conceived by Chef Judi Fourie of Pilcrow and Cleaver. And we have also been invited to go to her restaurant later this month. So we feel well rewarded for writing this article. We were also recipients of the WWF-SASSI Media award a few years ago and do support this initiative. To learn more about SASSI click here:
This was what was in the hamper to be used with the recipe. Red wine vinegar; a lemon; a tin each of sea salt and fish spice from Funky Ouma, a family business and supporters of SASSI; a bottle of Spier Rosé and one of Sauvignon Blanc to go with the dish; rainbow trout from Ocean Jewels; salted capers, garlic, lime and shallots. Spier wine farm consistently supports sustainability, and each year they support the Trailblazer Awards. They are also a WWF - SA Conservation Champion.
Unpacked: The beautiful piece of trout was supplied by Ocean Jewels Seafood, owned by Julie Carter, who is an ardent supporter of SASSI and a previous winner. This business delivers fish every week in Cape Town and surrounding areas. Julie had a stall at the Biscuit Mill when we worked there and her restaurant and shop are in the Woodstock Exchange in Albert Road, Woodstock

The recipe we were sent:
Rainbow Trout with warm vinaigrette
Serves 2
Trout - 4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil - 1/2 tbsp red wine vinegar - 3 to 4 shallots, thinly sliced - 1 tsp of small capers; wash off any salt - 1 tbsp of butter - 1 small tomato, skinned and finely chopped - Salt and pepper to taste - 1 tbsp of a soft herb (parsley, dill or basil)
Poach the fish. Bring 1.5 litres of water to the boil. Add salt and put the fish into the pan. Reduce heat and simmer the fish for 8 minutes or until just cooked. While the fish is simmering, warm the oil, vinegar and sliced shallots. Add in butter, stir to thicken and take it off the heat. Add chopped tomato and capers. Stir. Add salt and freshly ground pepper and serve with the Trout. Either spoon warm vinaigrette over the top of fish or serve it on the side. Sprinkle with fresh herb(s) of choice

Lynne did make a few minor tweaks, she prefers to poach fish in a Court-bouillon rather than just in water. The water is flavoured with celery, carrot, shallot, herbs, pepper and a little vinegar

The finished dish with the gently fried shallots, tomato concasse, and capers, cooked in a sauce of olive oil, vinegar and butter. The trout was perfection, so moist and flaky, the gentle sauce added to the dish. When next we cook this, and we will, she might add more capers and use a riper tomato. She topped the dish with parsley and lemon verbena from our garden. It was a lot of fish, so she made some gravadlax with the tail end. A very good idea, thank you SASSI and Chef Judi. And it went perfectly with the Spier wine

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