Sunday, November 29, 2020

This Week’s MENU. Graham Beck 30th, Moroccan lunch

A blue Epaulet Skimmer dragonfly (Orthetrum chrysostigma)

Two cancellations, but one of them will be revived later. So just two stories for you this week. Graham Beck provided us with a spectacular Zoom bubbly tasting to celebrate 30 years of Graham Beck MCCs and we had an interesting Moroccan meal just down the road from home. Next week will be a rush. We are just home from a wonderful celebration of new Cape Wine Masters and are looking forward to a busy few days with a bigger number of stories for next week. So we hope that you’ll enjoy these and the rest next week

Moroccan lunch at Andalousse

Travelling down Main and Regent Road at the moment is quite an adventure and not always a pleasant one as there are so many businesses that have closed. So we were very happy to see a new restaurant. Lynne went on line to see what their menu looked like and
also had a chat with the owner who is Moroccan. They have another in Woodstock where they began and felt this might be a good market for them. It is, with one small exception. Being Muslim they do not allow or serve any alcohol. We decided to give it a try for lunch on Saturday with an adventurous couple of vegetarians. Read on…

This month Graham Beck wines celebrates their 30th vintage, 30 years of Sparkling Success; a celebration of 'Wine that Matters'. They began production in 1990 and the first vintage of Graham Beck Cap Classique was released in 1993. Over the years they have received a long list of honours, accolades and awards for their prestigious portfolio of sparkling wines. Read on…

27th November 2020

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