Friday, November 13, 2020

Wagyu Food Truck in Oranjezicht

If you haven’t yet had Wagyu beef, you do need to try to taste this extraordinary flavourful beef, with its distinct marbling of fat that melts while it is cooking, leaving the beef superbly tender and gives it that "melt in your mouth" experience. Yes, Wagyu is very expensive, but you will always remember it and want more. And the good news is that the fat is unsaturated fat, and is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, making it one of the healthiest red meats. It is now farmed here and you can find it at good butchers and in fine dining restaurants

We were invited to see and taste some this week - but with a difference, and this might just be your chance to taste it without breaking the bank. Experienced Chef Allister Esau has an unusual source of Wagyu and he is cooking it in his food truck. And that is where you can taste it, in all sorts of guises. The Wagyu comes from the farm of J.A.K. Strydom in Aliwal North, who has been farming Wagyu for several years on the banks of the Orange River, a good beef farming area. Have a look at the website of the J.A.K Strydom Private Nature Reserve

The prime cuts go to the top butchers and restaurants, but there are lots of offcuts, which Chef Allister uses 

Last night we went to meet him and the food truck at the Mountain Manor Guest House and Executive Suites in Breda Street in Oranjezicht. Owned by Michelle Whitehead, we were warmly welcomed and then given samples of most of the dishes that the Wagyu food truck sells. If you need a good food truck, this is one for your event or outdoor party

Chef Allister with his Wagyu Food Truck

All his details are on the food truck
Chef Allister has worked internationally and is glad to be home
Michelle Whitehead, owner of Mountain Manor Guest House and Executive Suites
You can visit the Mountain Manor next Thursday to taste for yourself. Phone to confirm +27 21 461 7200
You can see the marbling on this small piece of Wagyu chuck steak
The menu
There is a good covered outside area at Mountain Manor and more seating inside

We took along a bottle of Glenelly 2006 Shiraz Cabernet Merlot blend from our cellar
and it went very, very well with all the Wagyu dishes
The first dish was small, thin slices of the 'naked' Wagyu beef. Cooked simply in just olive and canola oils,
seasoned just with salt and pepper, it was really tender, succulent, moist and perfectly flavoured.
Wow. Our absolute favourite. They serve this on a roll with salad. Try it, you will thank us
The logo on Chef Allister’s apron, Chefs' Hangout
The Prime Wagyu logo
Mountain Manor is at 17 Breda Street, Oranjezicht
The pool area
The entrance to some of the accommodation; it is an extensive property which dates from 1861
Dish number two was the classic Wagyu burger on a bun with tomato, gherkin, lettuce and the version we asked for
was with jalapeno slices in a cheese sauce. A huge, totally beef burger and a great spicy sauce
We shared the burger, knowing there were several more items to try. Very satisfying
You can see the good texture of the beef when sliced
Next were corndogs. John had never had these or learned what they were made from and Lynne, only once before
The perfect 'on a stick' wagyu sausage covered in a crisp chick pea batter and deep fried
Children love these, apparently. These were topped with Tzatziki
No.4 was the croquettes. A crisp deep fried outer casing, a lining of mashed potato and inside roughly chopped,
moist Wagyu beef with good umami flavours. Served with a mustard and parmesan sauce, coleslaw and pickled radish
We really enjoyed these, with all the different textures and flavours
Jannie Strydom, who farms the Wagyu with his father J.A.K. Strydom, had come for supper at the Truck with his family
We were beginning to flag, not being used to so much food. This is the Wagyu Wrap
A good flat bread wrap rather than a slimy tortilla - good move!
It contains long strips of Wagyu beef in aioli, chimichurri, red cabbage, and peppers
And it reminded us of a good Beef Stroganoff. Another essential to try
Half each!
An order for one of the other guests of the Wagyu Hot dogs
Chefs Earl Messiah and Edmos Zhou are in the truck doing the preparation and the cooking. Well done Chefs
We had a lovely evening eating well, chatting to Allister and Michelle and other guests; it was very friendly and gemütlich. Thank you all

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