Friday, June 18, 2021

In MENU This Week - Tea and scones at Chart Farm; Ondine Cabernet Franc

A  Cape cormorant (Phalacrocorax capensis) dries its wings between dinner-hunting forays

There are times when one becomes excited by very small things. This week, it is that we have had uninterrupted electricity supply. It almost makes one think (conspiracy theory?) that people in Eskom's management engineered the previous week's worse-than-usual breakdowns in order to light a fire under the government and force them to break down the barriers to independent production of wind and solar power. We live in hope...

Afternoon Tea at Chart Farm

Food memories are so important to us, they shape our family life. Can you remember when you first had an ice cream? Or candyfloss? A very enjoyable book about Cornwall triggered a memory of Lynne's beloved Aunt May's scones and the wonderful scones, raspberry jam and clotted cream we had when we were in Cornwall in 2019. And once you have the longing, it has to be satisfied. Where to go? Luckily someone on Facebook asking the same question had come up with some great suggestions and one stood out. We have been meaning to go back to Chart Farm in Constantia for a long time and we know they do good cakes and scones. So we made a booking, phoned our friends who live in Hout Bay and ventured forth on a lovely, sunny winter’s day this week. Read on...

Ormonde Ondine Cabernet Franc 2009

A wine from our cellar that we had with our supper last night turned out to be a jewel. This bottle of Ondine Cabernet Franc 2009 from Ormonde wine estate in Darling was one we bought a few years ago and cellared. Wow, Darling's best. South Africa produced a few magnificent Cabernet Franc-based wines in the 1990s, Christopher Keet’s iconic Cordoba Crescendo almost certainly leading the pack, but they were very rare. In recent years, we have seen many more very impressive wines from Cabernet Franc producers. Read on...

18th June 2018

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