Thursday, May 26, 2011

Il Cappero pictures

The daily specials
Lynne examining the menu
raw fresh local longfin tuna prepared in large chunks in a timbale with pine nuts and a Balsamic reduction
Soufflé de Melanzane, a beautiful aubergine mousse rather than a soufflé, with thyme, parsley, pine nuts and cheese
Ricci di Mare (sea urchins). Such huge flavours of the sea, it was in a pale orange sauce that looked almost like a caviar or Bottarga, a preserved fish roe, also from Sicily. The accompanying pasta was a home-made linguine and it was perfect
Involtini di Vitello alla Siciliana, several small tender rolls of veal, stuffed with pine nuts, raisins, onions and bay leaves and served with vegetables
Lynne and Aldo

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