Thursday, August 09, 2012

7 course Dinner special at Myoga

The menu for the seven course tasting menu. Lynne treated John after the Shiraz Showcase wine show at the Vineyard
Lynne's delicious first dish, a ‘Mouth Tickler’ of Sweet corn pannacotta, gooey sweet tomato jam and a salty and crunchy sweet potato crisp. There was also a small drizzle of truffle oil, which makes this a starter to be repeated at home, soon.
John had a salt and pepper prawn on a skewer, embedded in a shot glass of coriander spuma with sweet chilli.  A lovely contrast of Asian flavours and textures.
John's starter of Curried crumbed pork terrine, apple sauce and smoked paprika, Yoghurt and a sour and sweet apple apricot chutney
Lynne had a lightly smoked, tender and moist confit of trout, three steamed prawns, jalapeno emulsion. We think the tail fins should come off prawns unless you are eating prawns with your fingers. There were strips of uncooked grean beans in the garnish which would have been better blanched. No sign of jalapeno chilli.
Because John cannot eat mushrooms, Lynne loves to order mushrooms when out. This porcini mushroom soup with tiny pieces of sautéed mushrooms, lots of dried pieces of bread, sprinkled on top with some dried mushrooms was made with sour cream, so has quite a sharp taste.
John really loved his Thai inspired green curry chowder, whitefish, prawns, lime, truffle
roasted sweet corn and charred red pepper salsa. Lynne tasted it and agreed.
Pasta course was next. Lynne had a pleasant linguine, with small squares of fish, a few pieces of prawn, lots of pine nuts, olive oil, and a herb gremolata. Rather like something Jamie Oliver might do. There was supposed to be chilli and garlic on this but they were not apparent.
John wanted to order the gnocchi, gorgonzola spuma, toasted pistachio, sweet and sour pear but apparently this is the most popular choice and they were sold out so, instead, he had a rather rich pan fried beef ravioli, with onion marmalade, coriander, black beans
From here on we ordered the same dishes
Our palate cleaner of a beautifully perfumed and deeply flavoured elderflower and pear sorbet
Our main course was a truffle flavoured teriyaki; tender and perfectly cooked pink beef fillet, marvellously crisp tempura vegetables, nam jim and spiced cilantro pachadi – a sour cream or yogurt and coriander sauce
Dessert was a crisp apple tart tatin, covered in crème fraiche (sour cream) and chopped pistachio nuts.
We were served the accompanying butterscotch lassi (on the menu as part of the dessert) as an extra with the chef’s compliments. Lassi is a yogurt drink.
Each of the seven courses was small, but, together, they made a very filling meal and we struggled to finish at the end. After tasting (and spitting) as many as we could of the Shirazes made by 80 producers, we decided to forgo wine with the dinner, especially as we were driving a friend's beloved Jeep, lent to us by a very kind friend after the loss of our treasured Sharan.

Photographs are © John Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2012

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