Thursday, August 09, 2012

Shiraz Showcase at the Vineyard

South Africa produces many wonderful wines, but Shiraz or Syrah is one we do better than most. We enjoyed a great tasting at the Shiraz Showcase last Tuesday. It was daunting trying to taste about 88 wines from 70 cellars, but we tried our best and probably tasted two thirds over the 3 hours. 
Both of us were spitting rather than imbibing and found some lovely wines, a few strange, and sadly one or two that were green and stalky or old style, heavily wooded, without fruit and not great. 
David Trafford showed his 2000 shiraz and his 2010 Syrah and both were incredible
We were very happy to catch up with an old, but young, friend, Matthew Parkhurst
Photographer Barry, whom John remembers from Barry's days at Die Burger
Johan Joubert and friend, Kleine Zalze
Happy wine tasters enjoying the evening
Philip Engelen of Brooklands House and Michael Pownall, GM of the Taj

 Photographs are © John Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2012


Unknown said...

It looks like a wonderful and fun evening!! I am glad to hear that both of you are ok after the accident!

MENU said...

Thank you, Zirkie. It was, and a blessing that we were relatively unscathed - protected by a wonderful car, which did not survive.