Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Franschhoek Artisan Food Route: bread and cake tasting at Sacred Ground

The shop front just off Franschhoek’s Main Road
On the wall, a menu with some good specials
The spread of products they make, bake and sell - laid out for the media visit
There were some very exciting things, like the caprese salad on a stick and their wonderful breads and cakes
And so we begin. Joanne Gibson, Chris von Ulmenstein await the talk about the restaurant
Owner Sannette Koopman and her baker give us the story of her bakery
Red velvet cakes topped with baby macaroons
Sensational buttery croissant slices with a herb oil and some humus
Very good soft fresh bagels and olive topped focaccia
Cheesy baguette
Local cheese dusted with paprika
A rather sweet ‘health’ bar. Definitely one for when you have a sugar craving
The counter with the cheese fridge, covered in preserves, with a view of the bakery at the back
A selection of the local products they sell
The cake fridge with the large selection
More cakes and muffins to go
We bought one of their excellent olive ciabatta loaves to take home and it has lasted well and not gone hard after the first day
Very buttery chocolate croissants
A selection of their breads and rolls. We think the prices are very reasonable for the quality they are producing
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