Thursday, June 06, 2013

Franschhoek Artisan Food Route: Salmon and trout variations at The Salmon Bar

Early snow on the Franschhoek mountains
The Salmon Bar is also on the Main Road in Franschhoek and their very good salmon and trout products are in all our supermarkets – and we think are of higher quality than a lot of the imported products.
The entrance to the restaurant/shop
They also sell local produce from other suppliers and some good bubbly
In fine weather you can sit outside
The inner restaurant
Baby fish.  From the left: Brown trout fingerlings, Rainbow Trout and Salmon Trout from their fish farm in the valley.  They do also have a project on the go to start a Salmon sea farm in Saldanha Bay.
These Salmon Trout will grow to 3 / 3.5 kilo fish within a year. These fish have a conversion rate of 65% protein which is a very efficient yield. Chicken, the next highest, has a conversion rate of @5%
Aquaculturalist Gregory Stubbs who is also  CEO of Three Stream and the Salmon Bar
Three Streams Marketing manager Jessica van Rensburg
Local Smoked Salmon on the left, Smoked Trout on the right. These are salt and sugar cured and cold smoked.
Two of us shared each portion and we drank a glass of Morena Brut Rose MCC with all the fish.
Gregory explains the whole smoking processes, cold and hot
The next plate of products for sale in the shop, has, from top left:
1.  Plain poached salmon trout – buttery, soft and not too smokey or salty
2. Hot smoked pepper and mustard glazed
3. Poached with soya lime and ginger and rather a lot of chilli flakes which we found too hot
4. Honey glazed
Then a plate of other fish prepared in the restaurant. From the top left
1. Seared sesame tuna
2. Yakitori honey glazed salmon which we liked the best
3. A good salmon burger with lots of fish and not too much filler
4. Lightly seared salmon trout.  The sauces on the plate were all delicious.
These dishes were all amazingly enjoyable. We are great fans and we do buy a lot of these products mainly from Woolworths.  They were also very satisfying which gave some of us problems when it came to eating lunch later.

A lovely plate of all the products you can order when you next visit.

 © John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2013

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