Thursday, September 12, 2013

Franschhoek Uncorked: Dutch East's butchery

This is what we came to see: the fridge full of Pasch’s new products.  Note the huge sirloins on the bottom, next to the game.
Pasch du Plooy, trained wine maker, coffee expert, butcher and restaurateur explains his new products. Lots of different sausages, ham, bacon and other smoked products as well as the fresh meat.
Today’s special menu. Very, very good prices.  We had the Seafood Laksa and the Chinese Duck Salad.
The bistro style restaurant has the butchery above it, see the window above the fridge where it all happens. And the coffee roaster is alongside. We wrote about it earlier in the year, when we first visited.
Just what we needed after a week full of great wine. A refreshing Lumberjack from Jack Black beer
Good local beer on tap
The bar
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