Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Mexican product demonstration at Wild Peacock, Stellenbosch

Wild Peacock in Stellenbosch stocks the things chefs and good cooks want; all the luxuries like oysters, freshwater crayfish, imported and local cheeses, fresh fish, game, charcuterie and chocolate. They have a retail shop in town and a huge warehouse in the industrial area. Last week, we were invited to visit and see a demonstration of Mexican food products (made in the USA) which they import. www.wildpeacock.co.za/
Following the tasting, we went to their Emporium and Lynne bought two packets of dried smoked chillies, a packet of Ancho and a packet of Californian chillies
Gaby from Aztec foods did the demonstration, supported by her husband
Here she is making a chilli paste. The range does include masa harina the flour you need to make tortillas and tacos
Some of the products come in tins
Here are some of them opened for us to taste
Gaby using a smoked chilli bottled sauce
Ready-made Mole, Adobo and other sauces to use from the pot, and packets of dried chillies
Here she is explaining how to use some of the more unknown products like Nopales, which are pieces of cactus. We tasted them and they are definitely an acquired taste and texture. We found them rather slimy and completely tasteless in a cabbagy way. Perhaps you have to grow up eating them
Azteca is the brand - you can learn more on Facebook
Tortillas should always be heated in a dry pan and, did you know, they have two different layers? The thin one goes inside and the thick layer must be outside
Refried beans are not refried and Achiote is a blend of chilli and other spices including Annato, which colours the food red. Tins of whole and sliced Jalapeno chillies
The range of dried chillies
Dishes Gaby cooked. Pork in Salsa Verde with Nopales
Chicken in Mole Rojo
Nopales salad
Chicken in Mole Verde
Beef in Adobo sauce
Ross Baker has now taken over running the business from his mother Sue, who started it in 2000
Sue Baker
Andrew Baker took us for a tour of the cold storage rooms, each has its own purpose. These are tanks for fresh crayfish
Freshwater crayfish
Fresh oysters
Beautiful sea bass flown in from Reunion
Charcuterie from many different destinations has a room all on its own
Wheels of Edam young and old, in the cheese room
Lots of other slowly ripening cheese
The dried goods storage and dispatch
Valrhona chocolate to keep everyone happy
The Wild Peacock Emporium at 32 Piet Retief St, Stellenbosch, 7600. Phone 021 887 7585
The inside will remind our old customers of Main Ingredient, but they sell lots of fresh foods which we never did. You can also have lunch or coffee and cake and more. Lots of interesting things to buy
And a nice selection of wines and other beverages
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2015

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