Monday, August 10, 2015

Swartland Survivor wine launch at Overhex, Worcester

So here is the story of the label
A truck carrying 33 Nguni cows went past one of their wine farms and, as they are wont to do, one leapt off the back of the truck into the vineyards. The truck continued and the cow adapted itself to her new situation, was adopted by the farmer and was thereafter known as the Survivor. Overhex has produced a range of wines to celebrate this cow and we were invited to have a 5 course dinner at the winery in Worcester and sample them over dinner in their newly finished restaurant tasting room 
As Worcester is a bit far to drive back to Cape Town at night, Overhex generously put up the media in The Habit bed and breakfast in Worcester. And very comfortable it was too
The breakfast room
A good pool and a place for us to gather in the late afternoon
We arrived by transport at Overhex as the sun was setting. This amazing transformation has taken place over the last 9 weeks
Apparently the restaurant was finished just that morning
It will be a lovely spot to sit out in the summer
Tables set, canapé first course arranged and wine on chill in the buckets
The menu was paired with the four Survivor wines
The two on the left went with the crisp and slightly tropical Sauvignon blanc: Pea puree, onion jam with a piece of artichoke on a sliver of toast and a smoked salmon twirl with an asparagus tip on a cream cheese crostini
With the Pinotage: a deep fried chicken drumstick topped with crisp bacon and a mini vol á vent filled with some sliced beef
The media tweeting in unison!
Michael Fridjhon is acting as a consultant to Overhex and he made a speech
Reporting on Facebook is Brett Hutton
Rather soggy and oily butternut chips with melba toast ...
... to accompany the large rather under ripe brie in a filo platter, topped with caramel onion & walnuts
The chef, Jaco van der Westhuizen
Shante Hutton
Main course was two lamb chops on top of sticky rice, with a couple of vegetables and a parmesan tile
The last course was dessert - chocolate truffles with Oude Molen brandy
Willie Malan, Overhex Production Manager with his wife Natalie, Overseas Marketing Manager for Overhex
Breakfast the next morning at The Habit. The breakfast chef was very good and very quick
Gathering for breakfast was a little slow as some had stayed up late to party. We were too tired to join them after our hectic week
Lynne’s full English Breakfast with very fresh farm eggs and some really delicious boerewors sausage. We would love to know where to buy this, it was excellent. She also had black coffee and a little plain yoghurt with honey
John's cheese omelette with crisp bacon. He had fruit and muesli to start
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2015

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