Sunday, October 04, 2015

Mercurial Cats art exhibition, The Lutge Gallery, 109 Loop Street, Cape Town

We visited Mercurial Cats, an exhibition depicting cats by 12 ceramicists and 7 painters, curated by Penny Dobbie. It is at the Lutge Gallery, 109, Loop Street, Cape Town and will run until 13th October

The Exhibitors are: Ardmore, Carol Mangiagalli, Ceramic Matters, Clementina van der Walt, Hennie Meyer, Leora Lewis, Lisa Ringwood, Lynnley Watson, Margy Malan, Margie Johnson, Nicolaas Maritz, Niki Daly, Ruby Lara, Simon Jones, Tania Babb, Tiffany Wallace, Wendy McClachlan

A very tiny, rather rude cat
Leopard Lidded Box by Ardmore, R6 000
Cattus Interruptus, by Simon Jones, R42 000
Leopard Teapot by Ardmore, R14 800
Penny Dobbie greeting visitors to the opening
A collection of Cat Ceramics by Tiffany Wallace
Lynnley Watson's Cat Vessel R4 800
Clementina van der Walt's King of the Car Park, R9 000
Ceramic Matters. Mercurial Cat 1
The crush of visitors to the opening in the small gallery, with Mercurial Cat plates on the table
Lynnley Watson's group of three cats, Bruiser Gang
Lesley Jennings with Penny Dobbie
Ruby Lara's Hidden Agendas, R38 000

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