Sunday, October 04, 2015

Stanford Wine Route Launch: Misty Mountains Winery

Misty Mountains is in a huge barn of a place but we hear there are plans to revamp it very soon. It is more like a conference centre at the moment. This is the first winery you encounter if you come through from Hermanus, owned by Gauteng business man, André van Vuuren, who bought it in 2004, establishing the first vineyards in 2005. The first vintage was produced in 2008. Robert Davis is the General Manager, with Stellenbosch University educated Neil Patterson consulting as winemaker. Neil is a fine young winemaker and you can already see the results with his first vintages just released.
The tasting room
Robert Davis tells us about the wines. They also produce O2 bottled water and we think they might have lost focus on the wine in recent years, but now they are back and beginning to produce good wines
The spotless winery
Platters of meat and cheese were served with the wines we were tasting
A meaty platter
And more. We had all had a rather large brunch, so didn't make too much of a dent here
Neil tells us about his two new wines, the 2015 Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, which are both zesty and accomplished even though they have only been in bottle for 2 weeks. If they were suffering from a bit of bottle shock, we didn't find any
A last word from Tariro before we embarked for the trip back to Cape Town
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