Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Great Domaines trade tasting of imported wines at Bocca

Back to Bocca in Wale Street for this trade tasting of some really good imported wines from France, Germany and Spain.  There were a couple of really familiar wines to Lynne who used to drink them when she lived in London and their prices are not expensive given the current price of the Rand. We hope to see them appearing in good wine shops and on restaurant wine lists soon
Familiar faces on the doorstep, ready to taste wine: Mark Herd, Morgan Delacloche, Karin Visser, Emile Joubert, Jean-Vincent Ridon
Karin Visser of Great Domaines gave us a very warm welcome
Morgan Delacloche says it's time to taste an Italian Prosecco by San Leo
We were all enthusiastically nosing the Lanson Brut Champagne, the wine "By appointment to the Royal Family" for over 100 years.  It is really superb
Karin Visser, Louise and Mark Herd
Next to taste was the Louis Bouillot Crémant de Bourgogne, made from Pinot noir, with a little Chardonnay and some Gamay noir
A fruity and full on RIoja with good vanilla and wood, a very soft and easy drinking, but polished Grande Vin Bordeaux, which we are tempted to buy and a juicy Malbec from Cahors in the South of France
The Saint Cosme needs much more time, the Beaujolais Villages is fairly typical of the area and the Pinot Noir also needs time to capture the fruit acids
A lovely Chablis with elegance and tightness, a slightly sweet and fruity Pinot Grigio/Muscat blend, and a very accomplished 2013 Chardonnay from Bouchard Pere et Fils, which we really enjoyed.
Tasting the Rioja, Morgan Delacloche and Tony da Costa of Liquor City, Claremont
Cognac Delamain XO. It's a small bottle but packs a punch. A treat for yourself
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