Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tuning the Vine, an evening wine tasting ramble through Cape Town's Inner City Wine Route

We started our week last Wednesday at Tuning the Vine. This is the second time this very successful event has been held in Cape Town and there will be another on the 9th of December. You book, there are 3 starter locations in town, you get an arm band, a glass to keep and you walk from venue to vent to taste wine all over the city.  To book Cheaper on early bird tickets.
We took the bus and so checked in at the Youngblood Art Gallery, with our web tickets
Catching up with Jacques Wentzel of Black Elephant wines
What shall we taste next?
There was a lively buzz in every one of the locations we visited. We did try to get to them all but didn't quite succeed. Too much good wine to taste at each place!
Wine was also on sale to take home. It was a young and vibey crowd with informed staff from the farms pouring the wines
"What are we tasting young man?" On the Jordan stand
Our next venue was a bit of a surprise. Next time.....
Then to Heritage Square to visit Jean-Vincent Ridon at Signal Hill Winery. A bit of a tight fit in the small shop. But we heard from him yesterday that he sold a lot of wine. And some of John Platter’s new book, as they held the signing there
..enjoying all the belles filles!
Just a brief stop here to taste the wines outside House of Machines
And chat to some old friends over a glass of L'Ormarins MCC
An oasis of calm inside
Time for a restorative coffee?
Lynne with her new adopted son, Hebert Banhire. He likes our lifestyle
You meet lots of people you know on the walk from place to place as people follow different routes. 
Shane Mullis, Sharon & Megan Parnell of Domaine des Dieux and a friend
A familiar friendly face at Tjing Tjing
Now this is serious work
Ah! Another of our favourites. Dieter Odendaal showing Creation wines
Girls having fun
And another favourite, Bevan Newton Johnson, with two of their great wines
This was the place to be, especially if you wanted to chat up Sebastian and taste his great Beaumont offerings
Upstairs under the roof is the bar for serious drinking
And some fresh air although it was a bit spoilt by smokers. Will someone please tell them it is JUST NOT DONE at wine events? You seriously piss people off
The Taj had thought of everything, including food for the hungry
We called in at Neil Pendock's Wine Gallery and saw Shelley
And then went to Twankey’s Bar for some lovely Genevieve MCC with Melissa Nelsen
and some Montpellier Brut with their new winemaker, Harold Versveld
Montpellier Brut and Brut Rosé MCC
Leaving Twankey’s to walk up Wale Street to Bocca
which seemed to be where everyone was heading
We were very lucky and were shown to a table upstairs almost immediately
But the wait for pizzas was long as there were so many hungry merry people ordering!
The pizza chefs coped very well. One every 4 minutes apparently
It is a long time since we ate pizza. Johns was Avo and Bacon with feta
Lynne went for the seafood option. And then it was time to Uber home
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2015

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