Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cape Town's Portuguese bistro pub, Diaz Tavern

The Diaz Tavern has been a part of Cape Town's culinary landscape for many years. John has been a happy patron for a mere 30 or so years. It is always busy but, somehow, we have always managed to get a table, even if we haven't booked. The Portuguese menu is simple and consistently excellent. John's brother, on his first visit, said that the peri peri chicken was the best he'd ever had. The fish dishes are legendary and the trinchado, John's favourite, is still the best

Portuguese tradition from South Africa and Portuguese lightness. Axe Hill's Distinta Souzao and Tinta Barocca blend (14.5%) with the classic Casal Garcia Vinho Verde from the cool north of Portugal (9,5%)
The wonderful Trinchado. Tender, medium rare chunks of beef in a red wine sauce which is rich in garlic and chilli. A Portuguese roll is mandatory to mop up the sauce. The rich full flavour of the Distinta complemented the rich sauce perfectly
At a nearby table a group of men was saying farewell to an elderly colleague who was retiring for the second time. Mo√ęt in a Castle Light ice bucket makes an interesting statement. No question which we prefer!
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus

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