Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ocean Basket's new Mediterranean menu at Camps Bay

Ocean Basket had contacted us to come and try out this new menu and what better time to go than after a three day break in Robertson area. Lynne didn't have to cook supper and the drive to Camps Bay was quick, once we had greeted the cats and unpacked our car at home
They gave us a lovely table upstairs next to the window, so we could watch the sunset
An unlabelled bottle of Chamonix' soon to be released 2015 white blend, which was a gift from the winemaker, went with us and was a great match to the sea food.
Fish traps turned into lampshades is a cool idea
Our very attentive waiter Sbu Moyo took good care of us
We ordered two starters. Lynne began with the crumbed prawns with a herb mayo. Nice and crisp, but the tartar sauce was pourable rather than a dipping sauce. Dill and parsley flavours we think?
John had the mussels in tomato sauce. When it came to the table it smelled just like Heinz tomato soup, but it tasted very good with a great kick of chilli. The mussels were big and plumptious. John enjoyed them and said that he would order them again
Main course time and Lynne ordered the Greek Mezze platter, not realising it was a starter for two. It is generous. There is tzatziki and taramasalata, olives and feta, fresh tomato wedges,cucumber slices, lovely tender baby squid and nice crispy tentacles. The dips do need some warm pita bread. Sadly, the crumbed halloumi came cold. It needs to be meltingly hot inside
John chose the salmon trout in a clam sauce. He asked for it to be just seared but, sadly, the kitchen was sticking to their policy of everything coming in a very hot pan so, by the time it reached our table, it was overcooked and dry. They also have to check that the trout has been properly deboned, This one wasn't. The sauce is good, the chips exceptionally crisp as requested
Only John had room for dessert and ordered the chocolate lava pudding. It was warm and oozed chocolate lava with a good side serving of vanilla ice cream

Go and try some of the Mediterranean additions to the menu for yourself.
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2016

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