Thursday, October 27, 2016

Prescient Chardonnay Report 2016

This annual event (now in its 6th year), sponsored by Prescient, was held this year at Smith Studio, an art gallery in Church Street and there were some really good winners who were awarded the top scores. Judged by Christian Eedes, Roland Peens and James Petersen, they tasted 60 invited wines. The competition is by their invitation only. They score the wines out of 100 and any wine getting over 90 is awarded this accolade. The wines do have more of a drier French slant, rather than some the generous buttery chardonnays that are also delighting the public (there are some, most notably the Tokara). But this is to be expected, as the wines are always tasted by the same three people and obviously they would veer more towards their personal tastes, especially as the wines are invited to enter. All of them are excellent. You will find the list of top Chardonnays on the web site
The function venue, Smith Studio in Church Street, was a little small and very boxed in
Graham Beck Blanc de blanc 2012 bubbles to begin
Christian Eedes’ business partner Jacqueline Lahoud begins the ceremony
Writing and listening
A very happy Wendy Appelbaum of De Morgenzon with GM and winemaker Carl van de Merwe. She was just off to New York to collect another prestigious award for their wine. The Chardonnay scored 95
Prescient Executive Director Craig Moxford said "The wines last year were very good, how can you top that?" There were several familiar wines that have been top in the competition before, some several times
James Pietersen with two members of the wine media, Malu Lambert and Jeanri Tine van Zyl
The certificates and stickers for the wine bottles
Christian Eedes made the presentations
13 wines scored 91; these are the winners with their certificates
Award ceremony over, the wines are revealed and we can taste them. Richard Kershaw had 4 wines in the top Chardonnay, this Lake District Bokkeveld Shale was the highest scoring of those, with 95 points
There were 4 wines with the top score of 95 points. Richard Kershaw’s, Miles Mossop of Tokara with their splendid wine, Boela Gerber with the Groot Constantia 2015 Chardonnay ,,,,
.... and the De Morgenzon
Sterhuis scored 94
As did the Iona and another from Richard Kershaw
The Kershaw Groenland Mountain scored 93
As did the Hartenberg 2011,
The Eikendal 2015
and one of our favourites, the De Wetshof Bateleur.
and the Delaire Graff Banghoek Reserve and, for the fourth time, the Uva Mira
Rebecca Constable of Woolworths with Bennie Stipp, Marketing Director from De Wetshof, who looks delighted
Boela Gerber of Groot Constantia chatting to Rebecca Constable
Francois Rautenbach of Singita with winemaker Andries Burger of Paul Cluver
Brad Paton of Buitenverwachting scored 90 for his Chardonnay

Rose Jordaan of Bartinney, happy with her 91 for the Hourglass

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