Wednesday, October 12, 2016

SASSI Trailblazer Awards 2016

Do you like fish and seafood? The question is fairly rhetorical. If you do like eating fish and seafood, you should know that our seas are being overfished and we have to protect many species or they will become extinct and no longer there to enjoy. SASSI stands for South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative. They publish a list of all seafood divided into three groups: Green: Best choice, Orange: Think twice, Red: Don’t buy. Check out the website and download their app to your phone so that, when you’re out and ordering fish, you can make an informed decision
Six of South Africa’s finest cuisine masters have been crowned as SASSI Trailblazer Chefs for 2016. Each of the winners is accomplished in his or her own right. These six individuals have gone above and beyond in their kitchens to create and maintain a sustainable seafood hub within their industry
We live in a wonderful suburb alongside the sea that provides us with all its riches
We love going to events where we can take the MyCiti Bus, save on petrol, emissions and traffic congestion as well as enjoy a glass of wine safely
This year's event was held on the terrace at the Table Bay Hotel in the Waterfront. Chef Chris Erasmus of Foliage restaurant in Franschhoek is a previous award winner and SASSI ambassador. He is with Simon Ash of The Fat Fish who was there to receive an award
Rudi Liebenberg, Executive Chef at the Mount Nelson Hotel, is also a past winner
SASSI members of staff with Pavitray Pillay, Manager of the WWF SASSI program
A really good selection of white wines to taste
and some Rosés. Both go so well with seafood. But so does red wine with certain dishes. There are NO hard and fast rules
Clare Mack of Spill Brand Communications announced the awards
She spoke with the working docks behind her
Pavitray Pillay of SASSI
Eamon McLoughlin and Lynne, Tweeting the announcements
Past, present and future award winners listening to the speeches
More listening chefs
Rudi talks about the initiative and how he operates it at the Mount Nelson. (He is wearing the boot because he recently severed his Achilles tendon)
Diana Howell, GM of Kurland Hotel
The winners for 2016 are chefs: L to r Claire Blinkhorn-Street (Haute Cabrière), Constantijn Hahndiek (Hartford House),  Carl van Rooyen (Vineyard Hotel), Leon Coetzee (Kurland Hotel) and Simon Ash (The Fat Fish)
Andrea Burgener (The Leopard) could not be present
The Award winners with Pavitray Pillay and Jocelyn Myers-Adams, Exec Chef at The Table Bay
Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront at eventide
We were taken aback and hugely surprised to be given a Media Award. We do support the SASSI initiative in MENU our publication
Main Ingredient was our wine and food shop which closed in 2010
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