Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tasting and overnight at Simonstown's Lord Nelson Inn; Fish & chips at Salty Sea Dog

We receive some interesting invitations; some we can't resist. We live on a peninsula, but we must confess that we rarely visit the other end of it, so this was a chance to have a welcome overnight break, taste some good wine and eat great fish and chips, all before setting off early the next morning after a good breakfast to the CWG auction at Spier
The Lord Nelson Hotel is on the main road running through Simon's Town, famous for its Naval dockyards. They are just across the road from its entrance. It is a typical old style Traveller’s hotel, which has had a revamp
The entrance plaque
The wine tasting advertising. It was very well attended by locals, who enthusiastically embrace this sort of entertainment . And there were some very good wines to taste
Our room is named after the famous friendly Great Dane, AB Just Nuisance, that used to escort naval men about town during the Second World War and became a mascot and was even enlisted into the Royal Navy. He even got his own pass to travel on the train. Read about it here It’s a lovely story
The room with its large bed and good linen, has a bathroom and access to the shared terrace outside
The view from the terrace. Noisy and, sadly, rather full of traffic fumes
Views of the SA Navy ships in harbour
The bar still speaks to the past history of the hotel
Bedecked with lots of Navy shields, presents from visiting ships, and a bust of Lord Nelson
Lynne chatting to old friend Tariro Masayiti, GM and winemaker at Springfontein in Stanford while his wife Hildegard chooses another wine for us to taste
The happy couple
Also showing their wines were Tracey Fourie and Matthew from Benguela Cove near Hermanus
Raka owner Piet Dreyer's daughter Jorika (also in Stanford) was an excellent choice to do their wine tasting, she is so knowledgeable about the wines, which are made by her brother Joseph. Jorika runs the tasting centre on the farm
It seems this was a hat wearing day for the locals, here seen enjoying some wine from Hermanuspietersfontein (Hermanus)
The popular tasting was held in two rooms. Some canapés were served
The tasting ended at 8 and we then went in search of some supper. We fancied some fish and chips, which this area does so well as it’s the base for many of our fishermen. The Main Road was pretty quiet even at this early hour
The restaurant, the Salty Sea Dog, was only about 5 or 6 minutes walk from the hotel and is just across from Bertha’s
Initially, we were seated in the glassed in terrace, but it was a little chilly that evening so we moved inside as soon as a table became available
Some of the best fish and chips we have ever been served in the Cape. We told them crispy chips please and they delivered. After wine, we drank beer and it goes so well together with this dish. No frills, just lemon and Lynne ordered a small pot of tartar sauce
The bill came to a very reasonable R212
A notice in the restaurant!
The take out menu. This was very popular with guests and Mr Delivery drivers arriving all the time. The only combo that is missing was our favourite: calamari and fish
We loved the witty T shirts that the very helpful staff wear
We met a street vendor selling this wonderful wire and LED light sculpture of a rabbit on the street. Sadly we weren’t carrying cash. Lynne is so impressed by the sheer artistry of what they can create and each year there is something new, innovative and well made, from almost nothing. We walked home with the song Bright Eyes echoing in our heads. This would enchant a child
A local hostelry
Down to breakfast the next morning after a rather noisy night with people talking loudly outside at 1 pm. John had an Omelette, Lynne had Bacon and Eggs, both nicely prepared and the coffee was also very good; then it was off to the CWG auction via the magnificent coastal road, Baden Powell Drive
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2016

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