Thursday, February 23, 2017

Breakfast at Baked, Regent Road, Sea Point

We write reviews of all sorts of restaurants, but we have to confess that we usually prefer to have breakfast at home. We start the day very simply with fresh fruit and green tea for Lynne and muesli and black coffee for John. He makes the breakfast every day. There is a sudden bloom of restaurants doing breakfast that people keep telling us about, so we have decided to try a few of them. This week was the turn of Baked, which is near the circle at the end of Sea Point, next to President Motors. Virtuously, we walked there and arrived just before 9 am
The outside of the restaurant. It was in Bakoven until December, when they moved to Sea Point
The bread on sale looks good, especially the croissants
The breakfast menu. Those laminated menus are rather old and tatty with turned down corners. They look a bit unsanitary and probably need replacing
An eclectic selection of furniture with some of the tables made from recycled cable reels
Our Americanos came with a glass of water. The water is flavoured with cucumber, not to our taste but you can ask for tap water. It is trendy to have those thick cups, but we would love something a bit thinner. However we do understand that they are not easy to break when washing, so that is why most coffee places use them. We like the bright colour
The eggs Benedict was not bad. R73 a portion, two slices of bread and two poached eggs topped with ham and Hollandaise. Strangely, they add beetroot juice to the Hollandaise sauce. Doesn't alter the taste much, which is good and it is not too acidic (as it often is in SA). The egg yolks were only just runny, sadly, although we did ask for the whites to be cooked but the yolks to be runny. The Prosciutto ham was superb, tasted imported and the bread was a revelation. It was hard to cut through the crust (blunt knife?), but it had a very good “crunch”, and the centre melted in the mouth. A good, well salted, crisp crust ciabatta, worth taking home
Baked Eggs and Brioche - R68. Actually, well cooked scrambled eggs on a lovely soft and buttery brioche roll. Layered with aged Gruyère cheese and a slice of tomato. No chives, as had been promised in the menu, but a couple of leaves of rocket which, like much local rocket, lacked pepperiness. We opted to add the good crisp pancetta topping at an extra R25, which brought it to R93. Both portions were generous and satisfying
Our bill. We might return and try the freshly made juices and the croissants. It was not busy on a Thursday morning, but more people did arrive as we left. There is also a small but good-looking lunch menu. The waiters were helpful and smiling. They have a security guard outside whom we thought was a local gangster! The waiters set us right
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