Monday, February 27, 2017

GetWine Saturday sale

Where do you buy your wine? Your local supermarket? Direct from the wine farms? On-line or specialist wine shops? We buy from all these sources. Get Wine in Woodstock who sell wine in vast quantities, often discounted, is one of the places we include on our places to buy as they often do a two day special with about 28 wines, all of which you can taste. They also hold these tastings in other areas. You need to watch for them on their web site. We won't buy wine unless we have tasted it (and love it), so these tastings suit us down to the ground. We went to one held at their Woodstock premises on Saturday morning. And yes, we did come home with three cases
The shop is in the PALS Building basement, 95 Durham Avenue in Salt River
Wine piled high. Many of the wines are at farm prices; they may be older vintages that the farms want to move because they are from vintages of 2 or 3 years past. We have always said our SA white wines deserve a little time, so this is the place to find them. And most red wine improves with age
Wander down the corridors looking for your favourite farms to see if they have wines you like. You can buy one bottle or many, mixed cases too, export returns, and bin end unlabelled bottles
The tasting taking place at the end of the shop. This time there were 28 wines to taste. One good MCC Brut from Kleine Zalze at R89 (we bought), 12 well known white dry wines: Chenin, Sauvignon Blanc Chardonnay and a respectable Viognier from Richard Hilton. A Secateurs Ros├ę from Adi Badenhorst and 14 red wines: Cabernet, Merlot ,Shiraz, Pinotage, Pinot noir and blends.
Lynne does a speedy tasting of them all, John is more leisured, picking and choosing, in between taking photographs
It is a nicely varied crowd
The wines are popular and the prices are reasonable. The whites went from R25 to R95 a bottle and the Reds from R30 to R129
Friedrich, Sales Manager from La Vierge tempted us with their Pinot Noir which we bought. R95 a bottle
The Get Wine crew with the three Wegner brothers. John says that Susan and Louis need to complete the corporate look and copy the Wegner brothers' "hairdo"
Marking up our order forms. They also have pre-selected Everyday mixed cases of wine: 12 bottles for R399 and pre-selected Value mixed cases R549 for 12 bottles if you can't make up your mind or can't or don't have time to taste
Johan Wegner’s daughter Tia presented a tasting of Clemingold's Gin. Lots of citrus flavours
Some serious tasters
And red hot tills, with lots of helpful staff to collate your order and help you to your car. Check out their web site and get on their mailing list to see when the next tasting is going to be. Or just visit to browse.
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