Thursday, November 02, 2017

New menu at The Dining Room, Leeu Estates manor house

Monday this week saw us transported to lunch in the Dining Room at the Leeu Collection Manor House to try out the new menu
A welcome glass of The Leeu Collection’s Bas MCC on the nicely shaded glass conservatory extension to The Dining Room. What a lovely place for guests to have breakfast
Lynne chatting to Chef Oliver Cattermole
Smiling staff
Linda Potgieter, their social media consultant and Mbachi Kamnendo, PR, Brand and Marketing Co-ordinator for the Leeu Collection
Lots of leeus!
The menu
Canapés were served at the table. These are small crumbed and deep fried croquettes of smoked beef 'potjie'. Rather chewy, the centres tasted of beef biltong. The bed of straw was actually rather nice, crisp shreds of leek.
Entitled Whipped (were they naughty?) Stellenbosch cheddar gougères, these cakes were light and flavourful and were topped with raw red onion. Next to them is the third canapé, cheese coated Courgette 'chips' with a tomato dip
Sharing the canapés were Liesl Saayman and Siegfried Schäfer of The Franschhoek Tatler
A selection of freshly baked bread was served with three flavoured spreads: Wine butter we liked, rich and paté-like aubergine Baba Ganoush and rather heavily smoked butter
One of the three starters, acid cured yellowtail and vegetable escabeche in a fynbos vinaigrette and a dot or two of a light curry sauce. The yellowtail has to be very fresh, and it was
Something from many South African's teenage years. Summer watermelon marinated in Geometric gin, served with crisp streaky bacon, and a feta cream. The gin does rather take away all the flavour from the melon and make it very crisp and alcoholic
The vegetarian option was a slice of butter nut squash served with buffalo mozzarella crumbed deep fried balls, on seeds and quinoa with tomatoes
PRO Nicolette Waterford with Chef Oliver Cattermole who explained the menu to us. The Dining Room is open to casual visitors who book. The menu will be similar to this
Mr Singh with Chef Ollie
There were also three choices for the Main course. This was the Roasted white fish (kingklip) with gnocchi, garden vegetables and a velouté sauce
And the Karoo Lamb Skilpadjie - a traditional South African dish, usually made of lamb offal like minced heart, kidneys and liver and wrapped in caul fat
The lamb chop had been dissected and stuffed with a smooth gelatinous offal mousse. Served on mash with peas and broad beans with a rich jus. For us it is perhaps something you need to be culturally familiar with, and we do like offal . The caul fat needs to be completely cooked away
Slap Chips the way many South Africans like them dusted with cheese. We much prefer them crisp
Two desserts were offered. This was a light as air, sharp passion fruit soufflé, served with a white chocolate ice cream
A warm Valrhona chocolate fondant with a suitably crisp outer and gooey middle, with a rum and raisin ice cream and coco nibs

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