Thursday, July 12, 2018

Burger special at Gibson's, V&A Waterfront

Another media invitation this week to taste a winter special in the V&A Waterfront, this time at Gibson’s. Since we were last there, they have moved downstairs to a waterfront position, with lots of space and a roll out roof covering over the deck in case of inclement weather

We were there to try the lunchtime special
It was a lovely day, so we chose to sit outside. Sadly, the sun did not reach us. We arrived just after 12, so a little early. The tables filled up with  diners, many of whom were parents with offspring, who are still enjoying school holidays
Inside the restaurant
You can see the new covering structure over the deck
The food menu on the wall. It also comes in a folder to the table. Did you know that Gibson’s has over 120 different milkshakes on offer, even some adult ones with alcohol? Sadly none are dairy free, so we didn't imbibe
A good selection of real beers, including two under their own label
We went for the Gibson's craft ale
On Special, you can choose any regular 200g burger at the normal menu price and get a small(!er) 160g one of the same description, for just R20. (NB it must be the same description) Do not assume it is going to be slider size. It was plenty big enough to almost defeat Lynne. You can choose to accompany it with any of the starches, which are a choice from baked potato, triple fried potato chips, or sweet potato fries. Or just a salad. Lynne chose the baked potato with sour cream and butter.
Together we agreed that the Governor Deluxe would fulfill all our requirements for the perfect burger. A pure beef burger in a sesame bun, topped with smoky barbecue sauce, lettuce, tomato, sticky fried onions - very delicious - cheddar cheese, bacon, guacamole, cucumber and a sweet mustard sauce. And those crisp fries were really good
Filled with goodness
You can hardly see the difference in the sizes
Jennifer, our friendly waitress
It is school holidays and we saw several parents taking teens out for lunch at Gibson’s and ordering milkshakes, so John asked if he could photograph some before they went to the table. L to R: A Vanilla Flake, An Oreo Mint, a Chocolate Brownie and a Cinnamon Doughnut. There were 4 very happy lads. And they had burgers afterwards
We finished with a pot of green tea with lemon for Lynne
And a very good double espresso for John with great crema

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