Friday, August 10, 2018

This Week’s MENU. A day with Reyneke, Breakfast at Giulio’s, ABSA Top 10 Pinotage Competition, Pork and apple stew with dumplings, Reyneke Reserve White

One of Johan Reyneke's beautiful Nguni cows and her calf being guided along to fresh grazing

We count our blessings. We have had a week of experiencing, not just tasting, wonderful wines; so many that we have to keep some of them for next week's MENU. Wines from different terroirs and from different philosophies, but more great wines in a concentrated time space than some people find in a year. And with them has come some great food as well. Many people tell us that we are so fortunate (and we are), which is why we are working at 1am at the end of a public holiday to tell you about it…

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy". William Shakespeare in Hamlet. Johan Reyneke has passion, for wine and for nature and doing the right thing. He wants to work in harmony with her. We understand and respect what he is doing; this is how we should be living. We visited Reyneke this week…

Invited to taste the top 20 Pinotages at 10 in the morning, we felt that we should reward ourselves with a good breakfast beforehand. As we would be taking the bus and traversing lower Bree, Loop and Long Streets, we thought we would try out some of the newer cafés down there. Sadly many seem to have closed; this winter has had a punishing effect on new establishments in the Cape. We were delighted to see that Giulio's, on the corner of Loop and Riebeek, is still open and welcoming, so in we went

We were invited to taste this year’s top 20 Pinotages this week. These are the competition finalists and the winning Top 10 will be announced at an awards lunch on the 15th of August in Stellenbosch. The tasting was held at the Cullinan Hotel

This is a lovely flavourful winter dish, perfect for our current chilly weather. See the recipe here....

100% Sauvignon blanc. It spends 12 months in brand new 300 litre French oak barrels with a light toast and no oxidation allowed. It has a pretty, golden oak nose with light vanillins and some floral perfume, stone fruit, nectarines, peaches, white plums and greengages which give a lovely fruit 'attack' on the palate; that special tingle on the tongue and long flavours. Goes beautifully with fish, seafood and rich poultry dishes. Delicious

10th August 2018

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