Thursday, December 06, 2018

MENU's Wine of the Week. Darling Cellars Gustus Chenin blanc 2018

We tasted this wine at Darling Cellars and were so impressed we have made it our Wine of the Week. A beautiful expression of unwooded Chenin Blanc from dry land vines in the Darling area.  Gustus is a new range of wines which are terroir and varietal specific. (Gustus is Taste in Latin). Darling Cellars want to explore the possibilities of these grapes, so that they express the best they can be and do not disappear into huge blends without investigating their potential

Golden fruit, minerality a full nose with perfume and even a hint of pyrazines. Full and rounded on the palate with warm golden fruit, ripe yellow peaches, quince and apple, and jujubes, a good acid fruit balance, the wine is very satisfying. It will be just the thing to serve with your Turkey at Christmas. R76 from the cellar
A quote from the website. “The Gustus Chenin Blanc 2018 grabbed attention at this year’s Veritas, being the only non-wooded Chenin Blanc to win Double Gold.
“This was truly rewarding, and not only because Chenin Blanc is such a fashionable category at the moment,” says winemaker Pieter-Niel Rossouw. “We worked hard at this wine, wanting to make an unwooded Chenin Blanc from selected grapes able to truly over-deliver in terms of providing a wine with length, complexity and palate-weight without a trace of wooding”

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