Thursday, December 06, 2018

What’s on YOUR menu for Christmas and the Holiday season?


Christmas is approaching fast and we are still planning our main Christmas meal. We like duck, but duck has almost disappeared in the Cape since the demise of the Duck Farm.  We are not going to give you a recipe this week, but some different suggestions for the meal. Of course many of you will be doing turkey, but if you look at what other nations do there might be alternatives, all for special occasions

A Beef Wellington done well can be superb. Or get your butcher to do you a huge rib of beef roast. And in France and other areas of Europe they do a whole fish as their celebration dish, so why not a whole salmon, poached or a ready sliced Smoked salmon, or even local Salmon Trout. A fish braai is always good if you can get really fresh fish. A luxury seafood medley is always a favourite
A roast of pork stuffed with chestnuts and topped with apricots would be sensational. And of course a deboned leg of lamb is now a huge luxury given that the price of lamb is nearly more expensive than steak. Or a Crown Roast of Lamb with stuffing in the centre
We may do a Picanha steak and this can also be done on the Braai. Recipes for all these can be found on the Internet, but we would recommend you look at professional chefs’ recipes to get the best result
And of course you need to look at serving special vegetables like asparagus, duck fat potatoes, fine green beans, baby carrots, even Brussels sprouts for those who like them
And if you don’t want to cook, then we are finding the supermarkets are coming up with some pretty amazing ready to cook dishes that just need popping into the oven
We hope you have a wonderful meal. And for those of you not celebrating Christmas, we hope the holiday season is enjoyable, fun, restful and rewarding, with great food too

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