Tuesday, January 22, 2019

A Beautiful Summer’s Day in Blaauwberg

The view from the beach at Blaauwberg! Cape Town is doing turquoise so well this year! The fine white sand is almost blinding
A little breezy, but this side of the coast does get a bit of wind. It is a great place for kite sailing and surf boarding,
you just have to be careful not to be taken out past Robben Island
What a lovely way to spend the afternoon
This sea front house has great meaning for Lynne. In 1993 she was in Cape Town and visited Blaauwberg with her mother and a friend. While they sat and chattered on a seat, admiring the sea and our fantastic mountain, she pondered what to do with her life. The recession was on in the UK and it was punishing; she was working herself into the ground. She realised how much she missed Cape Town; she had been away for 27 years. She turned around and there was the name of the house! The universe has ways of giving you messages. She returned the following year and the rest is history, which includes John ...
Some coal had been washed up on the beach and these children were having such fun 'mining' for it
The classic view of our mountain across the Bay in perfect weather
We might put this panorama on our wall in a frame!
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