Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Lunch at the Indian Chapter, Tableview

We are fans of good Indian food and Lynne, who is a member of a Facebook restaurant page called Cape Town Restaurants, the Good, the Bad and the Nasty, found that The Indian Chapter in Blaauwberg was recommended by members as one of the best in Cape Town. We were going to be in the area, so we made a booking for lunch during the week. The restaurant is owned by Prim Reddy, a TV and Radio personality
It is not that easy to find, the Google map reference does confuse
Slightly dusty and faded; it has been open a couple of years. No flocked wall paper, but all the usual references
Plastic table cloths and a variety of chairs, and quite large. We arrived at about 12 and it was not busy that Thursday
The starter menu
Main courses
Vegetable and seafood dishes
Tandoor naan and a reasonable but not adventurous wine list
Poppadums come automatically. They come with a tamarind and a sweet chilli dip
The service was good but a little slow. We didn't mind; we were not in a hurry
We ordered the Prawn Biriani and were impressed
Good large prawns and potato in an excellent rice Biriani, topped with crisp sweet fried onions
Had we known how good the Naan was going to be, we might have ordered a Tandoori dish
Enormous, just right and covered, as ordered, in lots of garlic and butter
John's favourite curry is Rogan Josh, so we ordered the lamb version
A thick tomato rich sauce, with enough pieces of meat for both of us
We shared the meal and washed it down with Windhoek Draught. Lots of food and enjoyable
But was it lamb? It had more of the texture of beef or, as so often served as lamb, goat
Not bad, quite tender but we miss the sweet flavour of the lamb we ordered
The bill
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