Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Musgrave Gin launches Copper, a range of brandies

An invitation this week from Musgrave Crafted Spirits to the launch of a new Disruptive Spirit had us intrigued. The launch was on our publication day, so we only managed a quick trip late afternoon to taste what turned out to be two new brandies
Both are flavoured Copper Potstill brandies. Musgrave Copper Vanilla has good notes of real Vanilla and is they say "Made to Mix" and it does make rather good cocktails. The Musgrave Copper Black Honey is infused with African Black Honey which is quite prominent. Also meant for mixing with other flavours. We first tried them both just over ice and enjoyed their different flavours, both are soft and sweet
A familiar face; Aubrey Ngcungama of the Arambrook Boutique Hotel,
ordering a cocktail from the mixologist Owen O'Reilly at the bar
Bottles still waiting for their labels, Vanilla on the left, Black Honey on the right
The launch was held at the historic former Cape Town Club building in Queen Victoria Street, now known as Rhodes House
Marketing manager Katie Coetzee, their Accountant Louise and owner of Musgrave, Simone Musgrave
Some good fried fish on a pea puree to help soak up the alcohol was served with other canap├ęs
Business & Executive Coach Greg Castle with the girls
One of the cocktails on offer using the Vanilla Brandy
Obviously he has done this before!
We tried one of these cocktails, it was Black Honey with a dash of Chambord liqueur, Monis dry sherry, a dash of salt and topped up with ginger beer. A fresh fig and a spring of lavender were added just before serving. Nice and spicy and refreshing
In a corner, the band played

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