Wednesday, March 06, 2019

New Wingerd Vista market opens at Delvera, Stellenbosch

Sunday morning saw us on the R44 heading for Del Vera, who hosted their first Wingerd Vista Market
Oh, this looks interesting for lunch. A Wild Boar on the spit
There are many that roam the countryside near Wellington and they have to be controlled as they do enormous damage to the vineyards. They are, apparently, descended from some imported European boars (and sows) which escaped from captivity years ago. This young one looked as though it is would be delicious. On leaving, we bought two of the Panini rolls stuffed with the meat and had them for our supper
Janine van Zyl, Owner, Founder & Executive Chef at Cold Gold Artisan Ice Cream & Sorbet
She has just taken over the restaurant at Del Vera, which will soon open, and managed the market
Inside the shed was the market
And a familiar face in our wine world with her own product, MalMalva flavoured marshmallows in different guises
We loved the rose and pink peppercorn. She has some very unusual flavours too
A pancake stand right next to Clemingold gin, which you could taste and buy
Delheim wine estate, which owns DelVera, has the wine stand, so you can buy by the glass or the bottle
Some seating inside and some outside. It was very hot and humid, so many preferred inside
BELCROQ Croquettes Belgian Style with bitterballen, olieballen and other Vlaamsche treats
Jewellery, gifts, biscuits and rusks, made to support autistic children
And there were a few bygones stands
We tried two beers from the Biervrou stand, a rather bitter lager and a dark and treacly ale
A sign at the restaurant door with directions to some of the usual occupants at DelVera
Inside the restaurant, just waiting to get going. We do hope to return when Janine has the restaurant up and running
She showed us her spotless kitchen and it is a chef’s dream
and umbrellas on the lawn
And, far away from everyone else, the smokers' area

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Well done, a very good review. I was there and really enjoyed the outing.