Thursday, March 21, 2019

Rotis and samoosas on Milnerton Beach

Our beer tasting at Boston Breweries in Paarden Eiland left us very hungry, so we headed to CafĂ© Zorina, an old lunchtime haunt of John’s when he worked at AGFA 
They are extremely popular in the area and it is just a take away business. Short queues and efficient service mean that your lunch comes quickly. You do need cash, they don’t take cards
They sell a selection of traditional Cape Malay delicacies from Samoosas, to Koeksisters and other delights
They do have superb Rotis, which are so large some of us could not finish one in one session (Lynne)
And the best crisp samoosas in Cape Town. Not layers and layers of limp dough, just enough to cover the filling and superbly crunchy.  Our order was 6 meat samosas - quite spicy with green chilly, a mince roti (John) and a beef roti (Lynne).  The lamb is so popular it had run out by 1.30.  You can have chutney as an extra. Our order cost R125, a very reasonable lunch and very filling
And where better to enjoy our lunch, but where the sea enters the lagoon at Milnerton beach, just minutes away
There is a nice walkway alongside
Some lads enjoying the view
It is school holiday time and some children were playing in the water. Not to be recommended as the lagoon can be quite polluted as it is filled with a river that runs through settlements.
A plaque telling of the wreck of the Commodore II with some of the huge ship's timbers behind the sign where she beached. Table Bay is littered with shipwrecks due to the violent Cape storms. On one such occasion in another century, nearly 40 sailing ships were sunk in the bay
The ship’s story

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