Thursday, March 21, 2019

This Week's MENU. Panama Jack, Goloso, Boston Brewery, Rotis & Samoosas, Moroccan Lamb shanks

Looking for a brighter future? Two young men looking out toward the Atlantic Ocean

Electricity, or the absence of it, is our biggest talking point. We are losing five hours from each day, half in the daytime and half in the evening. There is another 2½ hour blackout in the early hours of the morning which is also a nuisance, as we often record our favourite TV programmes at those times. Everyone is suffering; businesses’ survival is threatened and all because we are governed by a gang of crooks who have stolen the money which was meant to be used for building new power stations and maintaining the old ones. We have sent out requests for quotes and  are very close to installing photovoltaic electricity which will make us independent of Eskom. We expect that many people and businesses will soon do the same. This, of course, will deprive the electricity generator of much needed income. To quote Hamlet, they are “hoist on their own petard”. Self-inflicted punishment; we’re two months away from an election…

There is not much activity at the moment in the wine PR world as most farms are harvesting in between bouts of bad weather. So, this week, it’s all about food and some beer

We check on-line sites for specials and Hyperli does come up with a few good things. Panama Jack's has been a legendary restaurant in the Cape Town docks for many years, especially for business lunches, but the restaurant was tired, the building owners gave them notice and we all thought that was that. But no, they have had a renaissance in the new Cruise Ship Terminal on the Foreshore

Another restaurant that came highly recommended on Restaurants, The Good, the Bad and the Nasty was Goloso in Regent Road, Sea Point. Unashamedly Italian in cuisine, they have an early bird special which, because of the power cuts, we decided would be a good distraction

We love beer, almost as much as wine. We both drank beer with our dads when we were very, very small. Lynne had an arrangement with hers: The beer was his, the foam was hers. And John had his own small beer mug. Most wine farms are busy harvesting and making wine; there is very little activity out there for us to write about – everyone is too busy to talk to us - so we decided to go and taste some good beer. You can do a tasting at Boston Brewery in Paarden Eiland for R100 each and you get a choice of 8 beers from their selection of 12

Our beer tasting at Boston Breweries in Paarden Eiland left us very hungry, so we headed to CafĂ© Zorina, an old lunchtime haunt of John’s when he worked at AGFA, to which he was introduced by his colleague Omar Abdurahman. Zorina's is extremely popular in the area and it is just a take away business. Short queues and efficient service mean that your lunch comes quickly. You will need cash, they don’t take cards

A substantial and impressive dinner dish, possibly great for serving at Easter or Passover. This is a new way of cooking cous cous for Lynne and she found it very successful. We found Ras al Hanout in Pick n Pay, but we have given you a recipe to make enough for the dish from spices in your cupboard

We have not tasted much wine this week and the recipe above was difficult with wine, so we reckoned it would go well with beer. Tomatoes can be very hard to pair with wine. We tried a Pinotage and a Shiraz and they both turned metallic. So we have suggested beer as a good refreshing match, given that the dish also has a nice buzz from the chilli. We enjoyed this beer at a tasting we had at Boston Beer in Paarden Island – see the article

21st March 2019

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