Thursday, October 10, 2019

A light lunch at Bovine, Franschhoek

"We have a free day in Franschhoek, so where shall we have lunch?" Then we remembered that a chef we know, Oliver Cattermole, had opened a new restaurant this year, Bovine, on the Main Street. And we had promised his dad Nigel that we would visit. Lunch sitting on a shaded terrace watching the people go by seemed like a great thing to do, and they had the table we wanted
Hard to miss the sign
Chef Ollie is in partnership with Black Elephant Vintners, so you can order their wines ...
... and beer from Woodstock Brewery, which is just what we felt like drinking on a nice warm Spring day
Their Citrus IPA has lower alcohol than their other Orange flavoured IPA and is very refreshing with a definite taste of lemon
The serving staff was smiling, friendly and prompt
The restaurant has a good stream of lunch customers and the menu is simple with something for everyone
The beers went perfectly with the good medium rare beef and cheese burger and some triple cooked chips
and with Lynne's choice of Salt and Pepper Calamari
Yes, we should have ordered only one plate of chips to share, they are very large
Lots of gooey cheese on the burger with the usual onion and tomato and a sesame bun. The beef is very good quality
Chef Ollie came to chat for a short while before getting back to his kitchen
The bill
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