Thursday, October 10, 2019

Hope Distillery New Label Launch & Trade tasting

Hope Distillery's gin has risen to the top of the range of local gins because they do things properly. Their gins are interesting, worth drinking and not flooded with unnecessary botanicals and they are very good at marketing. They also make gin for many of the other brands you find locally to their own recipes. We were invited to see their new branding and to taste a couple of their new flavours
The new labels. They generously sent us one of these to try
This limited release gin celebrates the Rugby World Cup in Japan
It is made with yuzu (a Japanese citrus) and cherry blossom
Lucy Beard, Hope Distillery's co-founder
The Yuzu gin has hints of umami and the sea, very interesting, very pleasant
The sparkling distillery with its pot still and column stills
Many members of the trade had been invited
Some of the botanicals added to their gins are coriander, citrus peel, juniper, bay, herbs, local fynbos and other spices
The very distinctive new labels
As ex wine retailers we like anything that jumps off the shelf when you look at a range of labels on bottles; these certainly do
Tanya Beuttler and Bridget McClure
The pink bottle is a classic London Dry gin, with hints of citrus, rosemary and juniper, very familiar to many gin lovers and a style that many prefer. The blue bottle is inspired by flavours from the Mediterranean. It is infused with olives, rosemary, thyme, basil and cardamom with citrus notes and hints of juniper. The yellow bottle is Salt River Gin, in the London Dry gin style with distinct South African botanical flavours of buchu and kapokbos (wild rosemary) added and is blended down to bottling strength using Table Mountain spring water collected from the Newlands spring
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