Friday, June 04, 2021

In MENU This Week - Paul Cluver at The Vineyard, Ocean Basket supper

 A double-headed Strelitzia reginae Aiton 'Mandela's Gold' in Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

So the ongoing effects of the damage caused by the government's corruption and neglect of infrastructure continue to hurt all South Africans. This week has seen more disruption from so-called "Load-Shedding", as the impact of Eskom's inability to provide enough power is called, because of the increased demands of Winter. When it strikes in the first part of the evening, we sometimes go out for a meal to occupy the hours of darkness. We did it again this week....

Celebrating Chardonnay Day at the Vineyard Hotel with Paul Cluver

Another invitation we could not refuse: "Would you like to come to a dinner paired with Paul Cluver Chardonnays to celebrate International Chardonnay day?" said Roy Davies, General Manager of the Vineyard Hotel. Yes please. We have always put Paul Cluver Chardonnay high up on our favourite list of good chardonnays

Locked Down, Blacked Out - Supper at Ocean Basket, Sea Point

Out on the town again! Celebrating.... what? A Power cut or, as they call it here, Load Shedding at the power company. And another lockdown with a curfew of 11pm, which has sent the restaurants into another down turn. Our particular period of lock down was the one we hate the most: 8 to 10.30 pm. So we decided to spoil ourselves and go down the road (literally) to our local Ocean Basket for a simple supper. We love it there, as the seafood is fresh, reasonably priced and we can take our own wine. And we also do take our own wine glasses, theirs being a bit thick and clunky. Cheers!
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