Friday, June 04, 2021

Locked Down, Blacked Out - Supper at Ocean Basket, Sea Point

Out on the town again! Celebrating.... what? A Power cut or, as they call it here, Load Shedding at the power company. And another lockdown with a curfew of 11pm, which has sent the restaurants into another down turn. Our particular period of lock down was the one we hate the most: 8 to 10.30 pm. So we decided to spoil ourselves and go down the road (literally) to our local Ocean Basket for a simple supper. We love it there, as the seafood is fresh, reasonably priced and we can take our own wine. And we also do take our own wine glasses, theirs being a bit thick and clunky. Cheers!

As you can see, it was not busy, just us and about four other tables
They close at 9, so we had an hour to order and eat
It is a pity more locals do not do what we do and eat out when we have power cuts

From our cellar, a bottle we thought would go well with sea food - a 2014 Creation Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a farm in the Hemel and Aarde valley that we love going to; the wine and the welcome are terrific, as are the food offerings there. And you might be thinking that the wine was a bit old? Well, not a bit of it. It was fresh and a delight - lively and, classically, a good crisp and elegant Sauvignon Blanc which went perfectly with our food

This is what we planned to order and what we thought we had ordered
Platters for One
3 prince prawns, fish & calamari
R 140

This is what arrived. 
3 mussels, 6 prince prawns, fish, calamari & calamari heads
R 190

There was a bit of a confusion with our order to our kind waitress, Anita, but we forgive her as this was much better. A bargain at R190 each and so, so enjoyable. We asked for just chips, instead of half chips and rice. And we specified crispy chips as usual. As John always says, really double cook the chips and when you think they are cooked, put them back in the oil again. The platter has 6 butterflied King prawns, tender baby calamari hoods and crispy tentacles, three mussels in their shell in a cream sauce, and a slice of very good fish in an amazing lemon garlic sauce. What more could you ask for? We had one each 

We will be back

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