Thursday, April 03, 2014

Lunch in Gordon's Bay

We took our visiting Dutch friends through to Somerset West to have morning tea with a favourite aunt and decided to go and have some lunch afterwards.  We had recommendations from friends in the area for good places to go and we ended up in the harbour at Gordon’s Bay, as it was a really beautifully sunny day and we like good views with our lunch. The original destination was called The Tavern, but it has been renamed and was full of smokers. It was a bit dark, grimy and pub-like, with not many people eating, so we fled the smoke for a very clean and quite clinical looking place, also in the harbour called, appropriately, Harbour Lights. It was purchased a couple of years ago by a South African Italian who runs it. They have a very casual fish and chip take away/cafe downstairs, but we wanted a table and some wine so headed upstairs. The menu  is a little limited and even a little bit scary, as the prices are rather high, even for seafood, but it turned out that they had a seafood stew special for R165. Each dish was topped with 2 crayfish tails and we all plumped for this. Redolent of garlic and a little chilli and cooked by their two Angolan chefs, we enjoyed it very much. We had a good view of the harbour and a bottle of Sophie Te’blanche and might just return there one day. The restaurant is bright and airy, clean and neat
With lovely views of the yacht harbour and the coast beyond.  The sun shaded doors slide open for more fresh air
Our seafood ‘stew” consisted of mussels, fish, prawns, calamari and two crayfish tails each. Lots of garlic, a little chilli and fresh herbs
A view from the harbour
The owner treated us to a dessert of torta, a light Italian sponge cake topped with chocolate and sandwiched with crème patisserie and fresh fruit.
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2014

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