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A gemsbok (Oryx gazella) at Groote Post, Darling Hills
In this week’s MENU:
* Lunch in Gordon’s Bay
* John’s Wine Tours
* Thelema trade day
* Farewell Supper Party
* La Boheme
* Pork belly
This week’s Product menu - The weather seems to be changing rapidly into winter, missing out our short Autumn. So menu thoughts are turning towards more substantial dishes.  We stock several different rices and they can all be used as the base of some amazing rib sticking food. There are creamy Violone Nano and Carnaroli rices from Italy for risotto or suppli balls, Bomba rice from Spain for the perfect paella and black rice from the East.
If you can find it in the supermarket, we don't usually stock it, just the products you would struggle to find.... Check our online shop to see more details and prices.
Lunch in Gordon’s Bay     We took our visiting Dutch friends through to Somerset West to have morning tea with a favourite aunt and decided to go and have some lunch afterwards.  We had recommendations from friends in the area for good places to go and we ended up in the harbour at Gordon’s Bay, as it was a really beautifully sunny day and we like good views with our lunch. The original destination was called The Tavern, but has been renamed and was full of smokers. It was a bit dark, grimy and pub-like, with not many people eating, so we fled the smoke for a very clean and quite clinical looking place, also in the harbour called, appropriately, Harbour Lights. It was purchased a couple of years ago by a South African Italian who runs it. They have a very casual fish and chip take away/cafe downstairs, but we wanted a table and some wine so headed upstairs. The menu  is a little limited and even a little bit scary, as the prices are rather high, even for seafood, but it turned out that they had a seafood stew special for R165. Each dish was topped with 2 crayfish tails and we all plumped for this. Redolent of garlic and a little chilli and cooked by their two Angolan chefs, we enjoyed it very much. We had a good view of the harbour and a bottle of Sophie Te’blanche and might just return there one day. See it here
John’s Wine Tours     John runs extremely personalised wine tours, goes to places the normal public would never get. His clients get to meet people normally in the background like the winemakers and owners and gets to taste wines unavailable to most visitors, often from tanks and barrels in the cellar. He is ably assisted in this by our many friends in the wine industry who really push the boat out for him and his tour clients. Last Friday, a repeat booking, he took an American client who had previously joined him on a  tour and wanted to go somewhere different. She was on the cruise liner Crystal Serenity with her husband for a round the world tour. They brought along two fellow passengers. This is what they did. A big tranche of gratitude is due to all the wonderful people of Darling whose generosity made this tour so successful.
Thelema trade day     This was held at Dear Me restaurant in Longmarket Street on Tuesday 1st of April and we tasted through the entire range of Thelema and Sutherland wines. They have some absolute crackers and you will be sorry if you don’t source some of them soon before they sell out. The Thelema 2012 Chardonnay is already sold out although there may be some in good wine shops and you will certainly find in on good wine lists at good restaurants. We think the Thelema Shiraz may well win awards, the Merlot 2010 is probably the best Merlot  we have tasted this year, soft, fruity, no stalky green notes, and no lactic either. The Thelema Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 is an absolute classic, full of all the forest floor and dark berries one expects.  The Mint Cabernet is also one to try, different and good with food we think, lots of chocolate and mint flavours.. The Sutherland Viognier Roussanne is excellent, the Sauvignon Blanc  a lovely example of what Elgin grapes can do. There are Rieslings from Thelema and Sutherland. Both are very good, but the Thelema 2011 showed a little more terpene on the nose than the Sutherland - perhaps because it comes from a warmer area, although the 2009 Thelema we tasted a little later had less terpene than the 2011. Pictures of the tasting are here
Farewell Supper Party     Last Sunday, we gave a small supper for our friends who departing to Holland after a month’s holiday here and their local relatives. Lynne made Snoek pâté, braised pork belly, duck fat roast potatoes, roasted Mediterranean vegetables and a raspberry jelly. No one was driving. Taxis had been arranged, so we pushed the boat out as far as wine was concerned. Our welcome drink was L’Ormarins Blanc de Blanc MCC. We had some delicious 2010 Cape Point Reserve Sauvignon Blanc with the fish pâté served with crudités, and two bottles of 2009 Beaumont Shiraz Mourvedre. We opened a bottle of Nuy White Muscadel 2006 with the dessert, a variation of Lynne’s red raspberry jelly, made this time with a bottle of Laborie’s Lazy Days Rosé, and then we moved on to Italian Gorgonzola, so some port had to be found. As the first bottle of Overgaauw 1998 was judged a little dry, we put that aside for a soon to be cooked venison in port recipe we love and opened a Landskroon 1995. Then it was time for coffee and we broached the new bottle of Laborie Alambic brandy we bought on our stay there last week. It was a lively party, not too inebriated as people were doing small portions, but it is so nice to be able to do this once in a while and not worry about people driving. We took a few photographs
La Boheme     Our friends wanted to make sure they had a good supper before the flight back to Europe on Monday, so we suggested one of our favourite haunts - La Boheme in Sea Point’s Main Road. We had a good early evening meal and then it was time to head for the airport.  Click here to see what we ate.
This week’s recipe     Lynne thought you might like her recipe for the Braised Pork Belly.  She has adapted this over the years from Ruben Riffles recipe in his cookbook Reuben Cooks (credit and respect where credit is due) and it works every time.
Ruben only used 500g of pork which feeds two, Lynne usually doubles or even quadruples the quantity of meat for a dinner party. She finds that the quantities of the marinade/cooking liquids work for up to 1 kg of pork; if you increase it, then adjust the liquid quantities accordingly.
1 kg Pork Belly, preferably pre- boned - 2 cups chicken stock – zest of one orange – juice of 1 orange – 1 cup of light soya sauce – 3 cm piece of fresh ginger, finely grated or chopped – 1 whole, but broken star anise – 1 x 5cm cinnamon stick, broken in 2 or 3 pieces – ½ cup sugar
Mix up all the ingredients. Put the pork, skin side up, into a deep roasting pan or dish which is quite a good fit, with just a little space around the pork. Pour over the marinade and cover with foil.  Roast in the oven for 4 hours at 160°C. Inspect every hour or so and make sure it does not dry out. Just add a little water to keep the cooking  juices liquid if you see them drying out. You need them for a sauce later.
Remove from the oven and if there are any bones in the pork, remove them carefully now. Then replace the pork in the pan with the sauce, recover with foil and place a brick or any other heavy object that nearly covers the pan on top. Lynne uses a large plastic container filled with water.  Leave in the fridge for 3 hours or until completely cool. Or overnight. Skim off any fat on top. Carefully remove the skin. Transfer the meat into a serving dish, pour on the sauce and reheat in the oven until hot. Then serve.
You can try to make crackling with the skin.
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There is a huge and rapidly growing variety of interesting things to occupy your leisure time here in the Western Cape. There are so many interesting things to do in our world of food and wine that we have made separate list for each month for which we have information. To see what’s happening in our world of food and wine (and a few other cultural events), visit our Events Calendar. All the events are listed in date order and we already have a large number of exciting events to entertain you right through the year. Events outside the Western Cape are listed here.
Learn about wine and cooking We receive a lot of enquiries from people who want to learn more about wine. Cathy Marston and The Cape Wine Academy both run wine education courses, some very serious and others more geared to fun. You can see details of Cathy’s WSET and other courses here and here and the CWA courses here. Karen Glanfield has taken over the UnWined wine appreciation courses from Cathy. See the details here
Chez Gourmet in Claremont has a programme of cooking classes. A calendar of their classes can be seen here. Nadège Lepoittevin-Dasse has cooking classes in Fish Hoek and conducts cooking tours to Normandy. You can see more details here. Emma Freddi runs the Enrica Rocca cooking courses at her home in Constantia. Brett Nussey’s Stir Crazy courses are now being run from Dish Food and Social’s premises in Main Road Observatory (opposite Groote Schuur hospital). Lynn Angel runs the Kitchen Angel cooking school and does private dinners at her home. She holds hands-on cooking classes for small groups on Monday and Wednesday evenings. She trained with Raymond Blanc, and has been a professional chef for 25 years. More info here

26th March 2014
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