Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Cluver Family Harvest Day in Elgin

A Harvest festival of different sort, Paul Cluver organised a train to take families from Cape Town to and from the farm last Saturday for the fun day out, held in the Amphitheatre. We arrived under our own steam (pun intended) just as the train arrived and a very jolly day was had by all
The train has just arrived and the passengers are "degorged" into apple boxes on wheels, pulled by John Deere tractors
There were 200 tickets sold for this trip
The ticket booth on arrival
Two mountain bikers arrive on the trail. One had had a fall and was looking for a medic
It is Apple (and pear) harvest time and they were on offer everywhere, you could help yourself
The children were given cute gingham travel packs with an apple, a sandwich and an apple juice
Awaiting the deluge of children from the train
The event was held in the Paul Cluver Amphitheatre which is surrounded by a magnificent grove of tall pines and gum trees
The seating being explored by a new crawler
The Amphitheatre with the Magic radio stand on the stage. They provided music, fun and competitions during the day
Food stands so you could buy your lunch
We enjoyed a pulled Pork sandwich from the Smoke lads
The tractors arrive with the train passengers
When she said "John Deere", I thought she meant me!
And the apple box carts
There was a pizza stand
### lose and use the one below . Quiches from the Peregrine stand ...
... and wicked pecan and other sweet tarts at R20 each
Apple crumbles - of course!
Square pizza going into the oven
Paul Cluver winemaker Andries Burger and his pretty daughter, Aninke. Andries has been with the farm for 20 years; he is married to Inge, Paul Cluver's daughter
Another new member of the Paul Cluver family, Max, the son of Paul Cluver IV. So serious, so interested
Magic Radio announcer Guy MacDonald with Andries
And another broadcaster, John Meinking of Hashtag Radio, with Linda Potgieter
Our lunch, the pulled pork sandwich and a bottle of the crisp and satisfying Sauvignon Blanc bought at the wine counter. We were all given five tasting vouchers (and a good wine glass) which could be redeemed at this counter for a taste of the Paul Cluver wines
If you could identify Guy MacDonald you received a gift hamper as a prize from Paul Cluver
Just chilling and dancing to the music!
Tables were set in amongst the trees
A puff ball sky above the tall trees
The view from our table, which some kind people let us share with them
We love Labradors
Another wine and cider and apple juice station. We had a taste of the good cider on arrival
The juice from these different apples for tasting. Sadly, we didn't taste, we are a bit wary of sugar
Janie van der Spuy exchanging vouchers for wine
It is like a tree cathedral
Aged wooden bench
A child making a suspended sculpture out of bark peelings. He was intensely concentrated on what he was doing and so aware of the spacial possibilities of the medium. A future artist in the making
Can I wear this?
A hungry Meinking
Girls having fun
Time for coffee
It's been a busy smoky day
but they still love each other
The Cluver staff chilling at the end of the afternoon, just about to load the passengers back on the train.  We had a great time
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2017

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