Monday, August 27, 2018

Crispy Chilli Squid Tempura

This recipe is our recreation of one of the most popular dishes at the Taste of Cape Town on the Taj Hotel’s stand.
500g small squid rings and tentacles (Cut up larger rings into bite sized pieces) – 500ml milk – 1 egg – 210ml ice cold sparkling or soda water – 1/2 t salt – 25g corn flour – 75g flour – 4 ice cubes – 2t chilli flakes or 1 to 2 (depending on your taste) finely chopped fresh red chillies, seeds removed – approx 500ml canola oil for frying – good sushi mayonnaise or Hellman’s diluted with a little milk to make it more runny
Soak the squid in milk for at least an hour (this tenderises it), then drain and pat really dry. Heat the oil in a wok or a wide deep pan to 370°C. Do not leave the oil alone. Mix the water with the egg and then stir in the flour, salt and chilli flakes and ice cubes. Quickly mix up the batter; it does not have to be smooth. Immediately toss the squid into the batter a spoonful at a time to coat well and then deep fry for just a couple of minutes until it is really crisp and beginning to turn golden. Drain on kitchen paper and keep warm in the oven while you cook the rest. Then serve with the mayonnaise drizzled over it. You can also drizzle over a sweet chilli sauce

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