Monday, August 27, 2018

Moroccan Lamb Kebabs flavoured with Ras Al Hanout

We sold lots of unusual spices and spice mixes at Main Ingredient. One of our most popular was Ras al Hanout – the quintessential spice mix from Morocco which is used in tagines and many other dishes. This is a rub for kebabs and is very easy to prepare

25g Ras al Hanout Spice - 1 clove of garlic - 1 t grated fresh ginger - 1 shallot - 1 T chopped flat parsley - ½ teaspoon of flaked sea salt - 800g lean lamb cut into cubes

Warm the Ras al Hanout mix in a dry frying pan for a minute to release the flavours, then add them to a pestle and mortar in which you have put the garlic, parsley, finely chopped shallot and the ginger and salt. Crush well together, then spread onto lamb cubes and put onto wooden skewers. Put them into a Pyrex dish in the fridge overnight and onto the barbeque the next day. This will allow the flavours to permeate the meat. You can also put this mixture onto chicken, beef or goat. When the kebabs come off the fire, slide the meat off the skewers and wrap it in warm pita bread or tortilla wraps - very good finger food! Serve with salads, harissa, plain yogurt and preserved lemons

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