Monday, August 27, 2018

Pisco Sour

We had very small limes, each of which gave us just about 200ml of juice. Lynne made the sugar syrup by combining 4T sugar with 50g water and stirring them together till the sugar melted, then boiled the syrup for 5 minutes. Boil quite hard but do not stir. If it starts to colour (you do NOT want caramel), remove it from the heat immediately and start again. We made the cocktail in the small blender container which comes with our stick blender. You can use a liquidizer or just whisk the egg white till stiff and add it to the other ingredients. This makes enough for two, served in whisky tumblers. Pisco is difficult to find in South Africa, so we have used the nearest easily found replacements. You can add different alcohols like rum or whiskey if you like, but they give a different flavour.
Sour recipe
1 egg white - juice of 8 small limes - 100ml sugar syrup - 2 tots of Cane Spirit, Vodka or Grappa

Blend the egg white till it is light and fluffy and just getting to peaks. Add some of the sugar syrup and blend quickly, then add the lime juice and the alcohol. Taste and add more syrup to your taste if it is too sour

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