Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Fish and chips in Elandsbaai

One of our side trips on our holiday up the West Coast was to Elands Bay, just half an hour south of Lambert's Bay
We had a recommendation from friends to try the Wit Mossel Pot for good Fish and Chips
The translation of this sign is "Life is a song; Sing, dammit, sing!"
It was lunchtime but we were the only customers. The very friendly waitress/chef from Zimbabwe served us and cooked our fish
Its an interesting boho shop but, frankly, needs a bloody good clean. It has probably been untouched for years
The loos need attention, soon
The specials of the day did not tempt us
Lots of West Coast wines. The place is populated by the surfers who flock to Elands for the good surf
Hence the sign... "Who smokes the Pot, You or me?" - now legal in SA
Some interesting local beers
Some we have not seen before
Local kids came to check something out
and we enjoyed some of the IPA from Cederberg, nice and refreshing with that good note of orange
The fish, calamari and chips. Sadly, frozen hake that had probably been in the freezer for a bit too long
The calamari was acceptable; the chips of the powdered potato variety. So we don’t recommend
John had mussels with his fish, dosed with lots of lazy garlic, which he said were good
A beautiful Italian classic. An early Sixties Fiat 1500 Spyder, designed by Pininfarina and in superb condition
owned by someone having a business lunch on the 'terrace'
The beach is long and dazzlingly white, the sea turquoise. The surf was low that day, so we didn’t see anyone out there
It goes on for miles
Lynne on the beach at Elandsbaai
Dressed to match the seascape
Looking back at the town, which had expanded a lot since our last visit a few years ago. Lots of quite nice holiday homes
Swooping gulls
But, sadly, lots and lots of terrifyingly sharp broken glass on the beach. We tried to clean up some of the bigger bits
We love the way the decorate their municipal bins!
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 20199

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