Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Supper at Isabella's on the wharf at Lambert's Bay

Isabella’s on the Dock side in Lambert's Bay is where you go for seafood, we were told by our landlady
So we made a booking for dinner during the week
We took a bottle of Groote Post Sea Salter, a white blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon 2015 and this seemed like the right occasion to open it. We were happy to pay the corkage of R30. Groote Post, from Darling, is another West Coast winery and this wine just smells and tastes of the sea. The richness of the Semillon and the crispness of the Sauvignon marry well, with a lovely mouthfeel and long satisfying flavours, just right for rich food like Crayfish
We ordered our main courses and were then told there would be a 45 minute wait for the mains,
so we decided to order starters as we were pretty hungry
Our very friendly waiter is from, wait for it, Zimbabwe!
Gannets flying in to roost for the night
What was on the end of that rope? Could he have been fishing for crayfish?
The hide in the Bird Island gannet colony, which is at the end of the breakwater
The deep fried calamari poppers stuffed with cream cheese were crisp
The Jalapeno Poppers were fiery enough to be compared to mild Habaneros, and we are quite used to hot food
Lynne could not taste anything for a while! The wine cooled her down a bit
Perhaps we should have waited
Other dishes on the menu
Lynne learnt a salutary lesson with the Crayfish Thermidor she ordered. She ordered a 400/499gm cray for R200. She used to eat and love this delicacy at the old Harbour Cafe in the Cape Town docks when she was very young. Created in France in 1891, it is famous. This was not at all like that. If you love crayfish, just order it naked. Then it will come fresh. Served like this, they can use older crays from the freezer - we think the wait was to defrost it, not to cook it, as that takes moments. It was chopped into small pieces and covered in a thick, gluey cheese sauce and grilled. No sign of any brandy or other alcohol. Definitely very little crayfish meat in the shell, lots of sauce. And missing that lovely texture and sweetness that good crayfish has. So sad
John had Surf and Turf - steak and calamari R150. Boring, perhaps, but quite good,
although the steak could have been a little less medium and more rare
The current owner of Isabella’s is from Macedonia; he is married to a local girl whose parents were the previous owners
Our bill
Happy smiling Tonde, our waiter
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