Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Elgin Cool Wine Festival – Elgin Ridge

After Shannon we headed for Elgin Ridge to taste their wines and have some lunch from the Goose Roasters' food truck
The tasting counter was inside the winery and we sampled their White Crunch Sauvignon Blanc which is very quaffable and went well with our lunch. We also enjoyed the fruity Crunch Pinot Noir, which is made with some carbonic maceration in an egg - you can see them at the back of the cellar. It did remind us a little of a Beaujolais Village
Choices choices...
and good music while we ate, from this young singer Jay P Storm
We both went for the Pork Belly burger with its rich creamy curry sauce and lots of salad vegetables crammed into the soft bun. It was incredibly difficult to eat this with grace and delicacy, not made any easier by some idiot with a long lens focusing on our faces as we tried to eat. Lynne was very tempted to go and give him a piece of her mind, if not a piece of her burger (or the flat of her hand). Good chips too but far too many for us
John's crisp version with little or no fat on the pork as requested
We risked it and sat on the hay bales and have had no bites from hay mites. We are still very cautious...
Time to move on to the next place. We do want to thank Marion Smith (owner of Elgin Ridge with her husband Brian)
for organising this great weekend for us and hosting us
We had a wonderful tasting of their wines at Aubergine and you can see it at
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