Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Elgin Cool Wine Festival – Paul Wallace

The afternoon was wearing on and so were our palates. Our next visit for the day was Wallowvale to say hello and relax a while with friends Nicky and Paul Wallace on their popular farm. It is a lovely place to end the day while tasting some good wines and watching the sun go down
Nicky, at the outside tasting bar, was busy
Paul and his assistants were equally busy inside the tasting room
They also had a chocolate tasting which was very popular
Sunset over the autumnal vines and the dam
Young folk enjoying the late afternoon and the wines
and families sitting on the edge of the deck
We loved the lively fresh Little Flirt Sauvignon Blanc. The Black Dog Malbec always impresses and is their best seller
The other wines are all good, but we did not have time to taste them all. This is the wine and Belgian chocolate pairing
The elegant, full of citrus and charm, Reflection Chardonnay was Lynne's favourite,
just right with sunlight and a bit of reflection on the day..
Vusi Dalicuba was showing the wines and the chocolate
He is a Masters student at Stellenbosch University who became interested in wine when his father,
who worked for Distell, brought wine home for the family to taste
He is making his own wine from Wallovale grapes
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