Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Elgin Cool Wine Festival - Lothian

Because we were early for the tasting at Shannon, we shot down the road to Lothian to taste two wines that people were talking about (thank you Rebecca). Winemaker Richard Kershaw MW is making the wines for Lothian and his wines come with a huge pedigree. This view is of the house over the lake
A Kokerboom aloe tree, also known as the Quiver tree from the San peoples’ practice
of hollowing out the tubular branches of Aloidendron dichotomum to form quivers for their arrows
The front of the house is covered in the most exquisite green wall we have ever seen
It is planted with different coloured Streptocarpus plants, ferns and some succulents
A view of the autumnal vines over the lake
and the pool. Lothian has luxury accommodation and some festival goers were staying there
A warm welcome awaited us from Ewen Wilson at the tasting room area, despite the early hour. We were their first customers of the day
The line-up of wines for tasting
We loved the 2018 Isobel Mourvedre Rosé. The wine is fruity, refreshing and crisp and identifiably Mourvedre
Made one think of lunch in Southern France. So we bought some
We also thought that the 2017 Chardonnay was superb
Lightly toasted Burgundy barrels impart just enough elegance to the wine;
there is a beautiful balance of fruit and wood, layers of exciting flavours of citrus, lime, butter and pineapple
So we bought some of that too
The 2017 Pinot Noir is also a well made classic from Richard Kershaw and speaks of the good valley fruit
Sadly, our budget did not quite stretch that far. Another time perhaps. These wines have come on so well
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frans van eetveldt said...

Nice blog , but i think the tree is a aloe barberae rather than Aloidendron dichotomum.