Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Elgin Cool Wine Festival – The Railway Market

What a wine filled weekend we have had at the Elgin Cool Wines weekend!
SO much good wine, such hospitality and friendliness in this lovely valley
We began at the new Railway Market where we had to collect our weekend passes and glasses
We watched the steam train come in from Cape Town carrying lots of day trippers to the festival. Such a nostalgic sight for our age group, who grew up with these trains. A flashback to the way John used to travel to boarding school in Grahamstown - a 2½ day journey, which became part of his life when he was 10 years old; a different era in 1955
Getting registered. We were very impressive that Elgin Tourism had organised free shuttles to all the wine farms, so no one had to drive if they didn't want to. Much safer
We were quite impressed with the Railway market; it reminded us a bit of the Eat Out market in Lisbon, lots of different stalls selling things to take home and to enjoy there. Having spent several years selling in markets in the Cape after we closed Main Ingredient, we know a success when we see it
Lots of tables down the middle
And upper galleries
What else would you find in an apple growing area but great toffee apples?
Another reminder of the happy days of yore!
Lynne loved the vegetable stand and immediately filled a box for us to take home. The produce is very fresh
And they take cards
John was given a crisp chip to sample and pronounced it very good. The Steak rolls look very good and are pretty reasonable
Lots of temptation if you want lunch. It was a bit early for us, as we had to speed to our first wine farm on the route
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